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Analisa potensial market Pipa HDPE di Indonesia pada tahun 2014

Analisa potensial market Pipa HDPE di Indonesia pada tahun 2014

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Suatu yang wajar bagi pengusaha-pengusaha yang mempunyai bisnis di bidang perpipaan khususnya pipa hdpe, bertanya-tanya tentang prospek market penggunaan pipa hdpe di dunia bisnis di Indonesia pada tahun 2014 ini.

  • Bagaimana market potensial pipa hdpe di Indonesia pada tahun 2014?
  • Akankah marketnya bertambah besar?
  • Sebesar apa pertumbuhannya?
  • Adakah ada regulasi baru yang dikeluarkan oleh pemerintah yang bisa mempengaruhi market menjadi tumbuh besar atau sebaliknya?
  • Bagaimana pengaruh Pemilu dan Pilpres terhadapa market pipa HDPE?

Sayangnya di Indonesia belum ada sebuah institusi khusus yang mengeluarkan hasil penelitiaannya tentang  proyeksi market penggunaan pipa hdpe di Indonesia pada tahun 2014. Yang paling mudah kita bisa menggunakan hasil perkiraan dari negara-negara lainnya sebagai bantuan analogi perkiraan market pipda HDPE di Indonesia.


U.S. Pipe Demand To Reach $38.6B In 2015

market pipa hdpe 2014 di usaU.S. demand for pipe is forecast to advance 6.6 percent per year to $38.6 billion in 2015. Gains will represent a substantial turnaround from the declines of the 2005-2010 period, during which pipe demand was hampered by an economic recession and a sharp drop in building construction spending.

Going forward, however, a number of factors, including a rebound in construction activity, an improved outlook for state and municipal infrastructure spending, will fuel strong increases in pipe demand an expansion of oil and gas exploration and transmission activity, and the continued need to replace and repair the country’s aging water pipe networks. These and other trends are presented in US Plastic & Competitive Pipe, a new study from The Freedonia Group Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm…. Read more

HDPE pipe market potential analysis in China

market pipa hdpe 2014 di chinaAt present. The plastic pipe has pipe market in 54% of the world. In the developed countries and regions, PE (mainly HDPE) possession of pipe in the intercity of buried gas pipeline has reached more than 90%, in the water supply pipe market share reached 60%, and in the PE pipe has established a mature construction norms and standards. In our country, with galvanized pipe is disabled, HDPE pipe has a competitive advantage in the field of building water supply. In the gas, industrial water supply and drainage, communications, agriculture irrigation area. HDPE also showed rapid growth trend. But in some areas and pipe standard specification has not kept pace with, to some extent affected the development and application of HDPE pipe. At present. In our country, pipe production enterprises have more than 3000, production capacity and output of production capacity reached 3.5 Mt/a.60% focused on 70 key enterprises. Production capacity of l0 enterprises of plastic pipe of approximately 1 Mt. Plastic pipe has been widely used in building water supply, drainage, heating, urban drainage, city gas, power, telecommunications and industry, agriculture and other fields…. Read more

Water Pipes and Infrastructuru in India

market pipa hdpe 2014 di IndiaIndia’s water infrastructure is in great need for improvement. Example: Delhi has 8900 Kms network of pipes, from which 25-40 percent is lost through pipe leakages. Latest study in August 2006 found out that 25% of New Delhi households had no access to piped water and the 27% only got water for les than 3 hours a day. Discussion to privatizing the water supply to improve the situation has met great opposition resulting in poor state of infrastructure, with very limited access to water in urban areas……. Read more