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About Georg Fischer Central Plastics LLC Pipe & Fabricated Products

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For over 30 years Independent Pipe Products, Inc. (GFCP P&F) supplied high quality polyethylene pipe fittings and fabrications to pipe manufacturers. For 20 years, IPPI supplied HDPE fittings to HDPE pipe distributors for gas, water, oil patch, sewer & industrial markets. We were equally as proud to enter into our 10th year of extrusion providing Design-Flow® HDPE Pipe in sizes as large as 65″ in diameter; placing Independent Pipe Products, Inc. in a group of only two total North American HDPE pipe manufacturers with this size capability.With the Georg Fischer Central Plastics LLC (GFCP) acquisition of Independent Pipe Products, Inc. (GFCP P&F) in June of 2012, not only did we gain the new name of Georg Fischer Central Plastics Pipe & Fabricated Products (GFCP P&F), but over 100 years of combined experience in HDPE Pipe and Pipe Fittings, as well as, the knowledge and resources that come with being part of one of the largest providers of Piping Systems in the world, Georg Fischer.Today, GFCP P&F boasts one of the largest lines of HDPE Pipe and Fabricated products on the market. With sizes ranging from 2″ to 65″, we are sure to have the right product for your needs and we are still dedicated to providing high quality pipe, fittings and fabrications made to your specification, delivered on time, at a competitive cost. Every item, both small and large, is equally important to your performance as a polyethylene pipe distributor or manufacturer. Our goal is to satisfy your needs by supplying defect free products and services on time, every time. Your success is our success!
Quality HDPE Standards
All GFCP P&F HDPE pipe, fittings and fabrications are manufactured to exacting quality standards long accepted by many major piping markets. The HDPE pipe grade material is the superior PE4710 resin with an ASTM D3350 cell class of at least 445574C. Our pipe and fittings are available meeting standards including ASTM F714, F2620, D3035, D3350, D2513; NSF 61; AWWA C901/C906; FM 1613; Title 10 CFR Appendix B.
Size Range
Fitting components from GFCP P&F have been sold nationally and internationally. GFCP P&F is a major supplier of machined and fabricated HDPE fittings in the Western Hemisphere. GFCP P&F’s Design-Flow® HDPE Pipe is produced in sizes 2″ through 65″. Our Design-Flow® HDPE fittings and accessories are available in a size range 1/2″ through 65″. Fittings are made to order from DR 32.5 to DR 7, based on availability of raw material pre-forms. The vast majority of fitting components are commonly inventoried in DR-9, DR-11 and DR-17.
“Better by Design”®
GFCP P&F fittings are “Better by Design”®. Our Design-Flow® Bolt Ring is so unique in its novel design that it has earned a U.S. Patent, and our bolt rings are specifically designed for our HDPE flanges & stub ends. Our reducers are more compact and cost efficient. Our transition adapters and mechanical connections are simple, competitive and fully pressure rated. The butt fusion ends of our fittings are engineered to be long enough to fit most normal fusion machines designed to heat-fuse HDPE pipe and fittings.
Custom HDPE Fittings
GFCP P&F has a continuing, dynamic commitment to developing unique products to meet the changing needs of the piping market. Our Engineered Products Division specializes in making the unusual routine, helping to bring IPPI into the new century. We invite you to have us quote on your custom HDPE pipe fitting needs (use the Contact Us link at the top right of every page).